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Probio 7 LACTOBACILLUS PLANTARUM is a transient kind of    that moves rapidly throughout the digestive system. It adapts perfectly to humans, since the optimum heat range for its development is roughly the same as the heat range of a persons body system. It is a organic anti-biotic, a result of its production of lactolin, and it is also vital for metabolic quantity, since it will help in the production of lysine, an important protein.
  INFANTIS, as the name implies, is important for the healthy and balanced development and development of babies and stays with us throughout lifestyle, from the moment the mother goes it to the baby during pregnancy.   Infantis is component of our defense mechanisms due to its production of acidity that battles pernicious microorganisms. It is an important element in the battle against allergies and is even associated with a reduced occurrence of renal rocks.
  BIFIDUM is the    most closely associated with the microflora of the digestive tract and vaginal area, and is also found in breast milk products, therefore, it is one of the most famous stresses of   s. Its primary mission is to fight the unnecessary development of yeasts and especially against Infections.   Bifidum is one of the    stresses with the maximum risk in the context of therapy with pharmaceutical medications.

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