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[1.6.x] News Bar
Author: Phenomenon
Translator: EnjatsRed
Submitted: 11th August 2008
Last Updated: 22nd September 2008

Newsbar Download
Limba Română


1. Upload the inc folder to your MyBB installation directory.
2. Go to your Admin-CP and click Plugins.
3. Click Install & Activate.


Upload the inc/languages folder to your MyBB installation directory. Overwrite existing files.


Configure the settings in your Admin-CP >> Configuration >> News Bar.


In your Admin-CP go to Templates & Style >> Templates >> Global Templates and edit the newsbar template. To customize the stylesheet go to Admin-CP >> Templates & Styles >> Themes >> Default and edit the newsbar.css stylesheet.
Nu merge cu 1.6.1. Stiti cumva daca se poate modifica in plugin sa accepte si versiunea asta fara sa strice ceva? Sau sa functioneze bine?
Am incercat sa il fac pentru Mybb 1.6 dar nu merge Sad ce sa fac?
Înlocuiește linia :

PHP Code:
function newsbar_admin_config_permissions($admin_permissions)

cu linia :

PHP Code:
function newsbar_admin_config_permissions(&$admin_permissions)

din fișierul newsbar.php.
Merge acum?

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Novice users : people who are afraid that simply pressing a key might break their computer.
Intermediate users : people who don`t know how to fix their computer after they`ve just pressed a key that broke it.
Expert users : people who break other people`s computers.


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